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The world’s first Healthable hearing aid

Many people who could benefit from a hearing aid avoid it, fearing it signals infirmity. Starkey Hearing Technologies answers that fear with a device that does more than amplify sound and tone down background noise. Livio AI is embedded with sensors and artificial intelligence that allow it to stream music; verbally answer questions like a smart assistant; translate conversations into your language; detect falls (and alert loved ones); measure physical activity; and track how often you talk to other people during the day – useful for elderly users who can become isolated.

Since launching in 2018, “it’s our best-selling product ever,” says Achin Bhowmik, chief technology officer at Starkey, who wears the device even though he doesn’t have hearing loss. “It’s better than normal hearing.” Livio AI is available from hearing professionals.

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Customer Reviews

Great experience with Monica. I would recommend this office for anyone looking for hearing aids.

Jackie Adams, on Google

Friendly pleasant environment. Everything was explained to me in detail. Staff was trained and knowledgeable. Monica was terrific.!

Jo Abshire, on Google

Very sweet staff! They always help us with what we need to know and make sure that everything is good and sounds right before we leave.

April Duplechian, on Google

Excellent service. No problems thus far.

Romayne Lyle, on Google

I had a wonderful visit with the Friendly, knowledgeable staff at Audible Hearing . If you are having hearing issues do yourself a favor and make an appointment. It’s so good to know exactly what the problem is and how to correct it .

Shawntelle Jackson, on Google

Love the atmosphere and the people. I am young so I felt out of place going to get my ears check, but when I walked through the door to leaving, I felt like I was at home.

ora reed, on Google

Robert Schneider, on Google

Very good. They checked hearing. And showed me how to use new hearing aids. And also connected hearing aids to my phone

Linda Martin, on Google

Highly technical testing standards. Well qualified staff, informative & clear on all our questions.

Jay Cotto, on Google

Rita Harmon, on Google

Really great customer service and the ear doctor was awesome can’t complain will b doing referrals we were really pleased.

Sara Doucet, on Google

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